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CFCC is located at the
Colorado School of Mines
in Golden, Colorado.
Prof. Neal Sullivan,
Colorado Fuel Cell Center
General Research Laboratory
Colorado School of Mines
1310 Maple Street.
Golden, CO 80401
Dr. Tony Dean, Distinguished Professor
Chemical Kinetic Experiments and Modeling
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(303) 273-3643
Dr. Andy Herring, Associate Professor
PEM systems and materials
(303) 384-2082
Dr. Robert Kee, Distinguished Professor
Chemically reacting flow, modeling and simulation
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(303) 273-3379
Dr. Neal Sullivan, Associate Professor
Fuel cell systems and diagnostics
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(303) 273-3656
Dr. Marcelo Simoes, Associate Professor
Power electronics, control, and renewable energy
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(303) 384-2350
Dr. Mark T. Lusk, Professor
Materials modeling at the atomic scale
(303) 273-3675
Dr. Ivar Reimanis, Professor
Ceramic processing and mechanical behavior of materials
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(303) 273-3549
Dr. Jianhua Tong, Associate Research Professor
Proton- and mixed-conducting oxide materials and membranes
(303) 273-3053
Dr. Ryan O'Hayre, Associate Professor
Fuel cell materials, system architectures and experimental diagnostics
(303) 273-3952
Dr. Kevin L. Moore, Distinguished Professor
Electrical engineering and control systems
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(303) 273-3898
Dr. Hans Carstensen, Associate Research Professor
Theoretical chemistry and chemical kinetics
(303) 273-3725
Dr. Michael Kaufman, Professor
Material science and high resolution microscopy
(303) 273-3009

CFCC Faculty

CFCC faculty member Professor Ryan O’Hayre is named by President Barack Obama as a recipient of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor bestowed by the United States government on young professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers. The Presidential Early Career Awards embody the high priority the administration places on producing outstanding scientists and engineers to advance the nation’s goals and contribute to all sectors of the economy. Nine Federal departments and agencies join together annually to nominate the most meritorious young scientists and engineers — researchers whose early accomplishments show the greatest promise for strengthening America’s leadership in science and technology and contributing to the awarding agencies' missions.

"This is a tremendous honor, but it never could have been achieved without the fantastic support I've received from Mines, the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department, and especially my colleagues at the Colorado Ceramics Center, the Colorado Fuel Cell Center and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory," said O’Hayre. "Having one of the best fuel cell research laboratories in the country and the Nation's top Renewable Energy laboratory in our backyard has played a huge role in allowing me to hit the ground running with cutting-edge research from day one at Mines. The recent addition of the National Science Foundation-Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center has only made our efforts in this area even stronger."

Professor O'Hayre will receive his award in the fall at a White House ceremony. For more information, see the White House web site.

CFCC Faculty

Faculty members from Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science collaborate in CFCC projects. In addition to teaching responsibiliites in their home departments, faculty associated with the CFCC are engaged in a broad range of fuel-cell research and development.

Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Robert Braun, Assistant Professor
Thermal dynamics and fuel cell systems optimization
(303) 273-3055
Dr. Huayang Zhu, Associate Research Professor
Reacting flow modeling and simulation
(303) 273-3890
Dr. Jason Porter, Assistant Professor
Carbon-deposit sensors
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(303) 273-3683
Dr. Brian Gorman, Assistant Professor
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(303) 384-2239
Dr. Tyrone Vincent, Assistant Professor
Nonlinear estimation and system identification
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(303) 273-3641
Dr. Robert King, Professor
Integrating computer models and automated measurement
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(303) 273-3305
Dr. Corinne E. Packard, Assistant Professor
Micro- and nano-scale mechanics of materials
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(303) 273-3773
Dr. Steven C. DeCaluwe, Assistant Professor
Electrochemical Energy Systems
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(303) 273-3666
Dr. Greg Jackson, Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering
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Dr. Sandrine Ricote, Assistant Research Professor
Protonic fuel cells and membrane reactors