New materials for proton exchange membranes for operation under elevated temperature (>100oC) and dry conditions. (see attached file for current public 1 page summary)

We have been working on this problem with NREL since 1995 with major funding continuously since 2000 from the DOE office of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The main thrust of this research is a fundamental understanding of inorganic/polymer composites materials as well as the solid state chemistry of solid inorganic super acids and state of the art perfluoro sulfonic acid polymers. In recent years we have been working closely with 3M.

Colorado School of Mines: Prof. Andrew Herring and Steven F. Dec

National Renewable Energy laboratory: John A. Turner, John F. Pern

3M Corporation: Steven J. Hamrock, Mathew H. Frey

New proton conducting membranes for fuel cells