In this Air Force SBIR, we are working with TDA Research, Inc. on metal-substituted hexaaluminate catalysts for methane partial oxidation processes. TDA has leading-edge technology to synthesize hexaaluminates using a variety of metal-cation substitutions. The project has two major aspects.

Modeling and simulation

Computational models that describe reactive porous-media flow are being developed to represent partial-oxidation reactions in porous-foam supported catalyst structures. These models incorporate Dusty-Gas porous-media transport and fluid flow as well as detailed reaction mechanisms for Rh- and Ni-substituted hexaaluminates. The models are applied to assist reactor design and operation.

Long-term testing

There is laboratory-scale evidence that hexaaluminate catalysts have excellent lont-term, high-temperature, stability. We are developing an experimental facility and demonstrate catalyst stability under realistic reforming conditions.

Colorado School of Mines: Profs. Robert J. Kee, Neal Sullivan

Metal-substituted hexaaluminate partial oxidation systems