Dr. Sullivan led the design and construction of the 3600-ft2 Colorado Fuel Cell Center research and development facility, and has managed laboratory operations in the Center since its opening in May of 2006.  Prof. Sullivan joined the Colorado School of Mines in December of 2004 as an assistant professor in the Engineering Division, teaching undergraduate Fluid Mechanics and the new graduate-level Fuel Cell Science and Technology course with Prof. Ryan O’Hayre. In his previous position as program manager for the “Palm Power Program” at ITN Energy Systems, Dr. Sullivan led a nation-wide, university-industry collaborative team towards demonstration of a hand-held, kerosene-fueled, solid-oxide fuel cell system.  During a year abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dr. Sullivan led an international team of scientists in the study of pollutant formation from laminar diffusion flames with applications in biomass combustion.

CFCC names Neal Sullivan as the new center director