Jamie Dagget

My name is Jamie Daggett and I am a former graduate student in Mechanical Engineering here at Mines. I have completed my MS degree, and started a position at a local fuel-cell developer, Protonex Technology Corporation. My previous work in the Colorado Fuel Cell Center was on the Separated Anode Experiment, testing various properties of solid oxide fuel cell anodes. My primary focus was to improve direct fuel reforming in the anode of the fuel cell (using fuels such as ethanol) and minimize carbon deposits on the anode.I received my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. I then worked for two years as a test engineer at Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc. developing technology to clean the exhaust streams of diesel engines. I came to CSM because I was interested in fuel cell research and learning more about renewable energy.Mines has been a great center for learning and an enjoyable spot for me to continue pursuing all of my athletic and outdoor interests. I swam on Stanford's swim team in college and now have a great time snowboarding, kayaking, training for triathlons, and enjoying the mountains.