I was born in Greeley, Colorado. I have also lived in California and Wyoming. I have lived in the Denver area the last 10 years. I enjoy hiking, weight-lifting, and driving or working on my 66 Mustang. I came to Mines because I wanted to go to a small school in Colorado focused on engineering. I also came because Golden has that small-town feel and it is right next to the mountains. I met my wife at Mines and we married in October, 2006. I received my Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in May, 2006 and Master’s degree in December, 2007. I am now pursuing my doctorate degree.

My research is focused on developing SOFC models which give insight into the underlying physics occurring within an SOFC. The models developed can assist in overall system design and optimization. The main features of these models are:

The models are written in C++, using CANTERA interfaces to represent thermodynamic properties, transport properties, and chemical kinetics.

Andrew Colclasure